Respite Care

Advanced care requires specialised trained Carers, managed by experienced Service Coordinators and clinical oversight from a Registered Nurse.

Respite care is a chance for you and the person you care for to take a break.

As a carer you may need a break for a few hours or a few days. You may need help for a short period if, for example, you are ill or recovering from an illness yourself. In addition, the person for whom you are caring for might benefit from a change of scenery, or need more support than you can provide. Making arrangements to ensure excellent care is in place over a holiday or respite period doesn’t need to be difficult – our homecare is an easy solution and eliminates the stress of shifting to a care facility.

Miranda Smith Homecare Carers can provide respite care ranging from a few hours a week to overnight care or 24 hour live in care. It can be transport to an appointment or social outing, help with shopping and medication management, or simply providing companionship from a carefully chosen Carer for a period of time.