Specialised Care

Advanced care requires specialised trained Carers, managed by experienced Service Coordinators and clinical oversight from a Registered Nurse.

This care includes a range of support such as specialist dementia care, palliative and end of life care, continence care and medication administration. All Clients who require advanced care have a Registered Nurse available for clinical oversight and ongoing training of Carers.

The needs of clients requiring advanced care can change quickly, therefore Miranda Smith Homecare Carers who specialise in advance care are highly skilled, compassionate and conscientious. Careful matching of your needs and preferences to the right Carer is where Miranda Smith Homecare excels. Targeting the care and support you require, to where it is most needed is also important to keep costs down and arrangements sustainable.

We are happy to work in with other providers to ensure your care is offered at the optimum times and changes are communicated to all involved.